Writing Requirement

The following is a description of the course writing requirement. I include the course writing requirement because it is critical that students learn to:

  • read new cases
  • understand the issues and holdings
  • critique the analysis
  • explain the reasoning to others (either clients or colleagues)
  • prepare for the performance section of the bar exam
  • see how the issues discussed in class apply in new cases

The requirement is graded on a "complete, partially complete, incomplete" policy. Because the assignment is never more than four percent of the final grade, one can still obtain an A in the course without writing anything. I am hopeful that you will find the exercise both fun and illuminating.

There are four total points available for writing submissions, but there are different points available for different categories. You can fulfill the requirement with as few as two and as many as eight submissions.

Note: you should check to make sure your case is not already summarized, as you will not receive credit for a duplicate submission.

  • 1/2 point: cases assigned in class
  • 1 point: any case you are interested in (any topic area)
  • 2 points: any case related to class (e.g. patent law)

  • 1/2 point bonus: any case submission posted within two weeks of the decision's issuance.

Cases may be state, federal, administrative, or any other interesting precedent.

Adding to the Wiki

See the following pages for ideas and tips about how to find cases and write about them:
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